Myanmar flooring developed by taking pictures of wood and then sticking or printing it on planks. However, contrary to vinyl flooring, Myanmar flooring is more resistant and durable, making it ideal for high traffic areas. Other than there is only minimal amount of installation work required, which reduces the amount of time you stay out of your home or office while cutting down labor costs. Benefits aside major disadvantage of laminate when compared to vinyl is that it is very susceptible to moisture. This means that it is not recommended that you use Myanmar flooring in bathrooms or kitchens. In conclusion though laminate and vinyl flooring are similar in many features. They are also very different. So your final decision should depend on your requirement and which material you in think would be the best for your home .We provide most variety of laminate flooring in Myanmar.


A very important characteristic vinyl flooring is that it is made up of mixture of polyvinyl chloride and plasticizers and further pigments are added for the color. Vinyl flooring is very flexible fine textured and seems to be non-porous. Vinyl flooring is actually developed by taking pictures of wood and sticking them on vinyl planks or sheets. The numerous benefits vinyl has to offer some of this material's top advantages. That is sound proof, water resistant, 100% termite proof and bacterial proof when it is coated. Another disadvantage with vinyl flooring.  it can get bubbles however, this problem can be easily handled if the floor flattened prior to gluing .  There are benefits there are also some setbacks. With vinyl flooring you can expect it have  shorter life span and fade off within a few years. If you don't invest your time and effort in maintaining it.